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At Design Cleaning, we are committed to keeping our clients safe. For that reason, we use Synbiotic cleaning products (Probiotics & Prebiotics combined), which can guarantee a safer and healthier indoor environment without using any disinfectants or chemicals.


Probiotics are being referred to as the Electric Car of the cleaning world!

Here is a short explainer video on how this is done.

Probiotics are 100% natural, chemical-free, eco-friendly and earth-beneficial (EU Ecolabel Certified), anti-allergenic and 100% safe to use around children and animals!

Our customers confidently know that they have the highest possible microbial protection against pathogens, including enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and its varients.



We have over 15 years of independent medical research conducted on our specific strain of Probiotics. Amongst many other things, these studies showed that Probiotics could decrease surface pathogens up to 90% more than conventional disinfectants. 


Our Probiotic strains also give a 24 hours protection against enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 where disinfectants only achieve 60 minutes.     

Disinfectants work differently than Synbiotics (Probiotics & Prebiotics combined). Instead of trying to disinfect and kill all microorganisms, our cleaning solution fills spaces with life and help remove the bad ones. They do this by installing a healthy microbiome on all surfaces, which reduces the risk and spread of pathogens. 


Our products continue to clean for up to 5 days, lowering the risk of viral infections and protecting personal contact.

Did you know that bacterial resistance to disinfectants and antibiotics is getting stronger?

Science has demonstrated that this is the case, yet most people continue to disinfect without understanding the damage that it can cause and that it doesn’t work as we think.

We all now know about the bacterial resistance issue, but do we understand how this is done?

The answer is simple!





A biofilm is like a slimy tent that protects the pathogens (bad bacteria). It is under this tent that bacteria build their colonies and share DNA, before spreading to other parts of the surface. This is how Pathogens resist disinfectants and antibiotics and these cannot penetrate a biofilm.

Probiotics are the only way to deal with biofilm apart from manually scrubbing them off. Probiotics weaken and destroy existing biofilm formations as well as prevent new ones from forming. Without this protective layer, pathogens cannot resist.

And then there are viruses!

Viruses are parasites, with no metabolic system of their own, which means that they must attach themselves to a host cell to survive, and they can only do so through their lipid coating (outer layer/envelope).

Probiotics produce bio-soaps, which act as a natural soap and degrease and modify the lipid coating of a virus, making it impossible for the virus to infect a host.

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