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We understand that at the core of each of our clients, there are two basic needs:

  1. To work in a clean and hygienic environment.

  2. To operate within a limited cleaning budget.


This is why we use THAF - Transparent, Honest, Accurate, and Fair pricing!

Transparent Pricing


We don’t believe in keeping secrets from our clients. That is why, unlike most of the cleaning industry, we show you exactly how our cleaning timings are calculated, and exactly what your costs are made of.


Honest Pricing


Cleaning companies tend to quote based on intuition, which means one of two things generally happens:

  1. They over-estimate the cleaning timings and charge you more than they should.

  2. They under-estimate the cleaning timings, there isn’t sufficient time for the cleaners to carry out their duties, the cleaning standards drop, and you once again need to source a new cleaning company.


Thanks to our THAF Pricing platforms, we will provide you with an honest quote.

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Accurate Pricing


On top of our decades of experience in cleaning, we have spent 1.5 years conducting Time & Motion Studies. Yes, we know, it sounds boring and a bit geeky, but it means your cleaning timings are accurate.

When calculating cleaning timings, we take into consideration space and content:

Space – Size of areas that need cleaning, type of flooring, skirting boards, ledges, etc.


Content – We count the number of bins, desktops, meeting tables, computers, phones, toilet units, basins, urinals, kitchen units, dishwashers, etc.

We even know how long it takes to collect dishes from the desktops, hand-wash the dishes, or load & unload a dishwasher.

Fair Pricing


Most cleaning companies in the industry adopt a “one-price-fits-all” pricing system. They will have a walk around your building, estimate the timings based on intuition, and then send you a price.

But what if you don’t need every area of your building cleaning every day? What if you don’t need or want every cleaning task to be carried out every day?

For example, companies often have a meeting room that isn’t used on a daily basis, or that Dental Clinic that only uses Surgery Room number 3 on Wednesdays. So why pay for these areas to be cleaned on a daily basis?

The THAF pricing platform is interactive, allowing you to decide how often each area will be cleaned and how often tasks will get done.

This means you have 100% control over your finances. It also means that we can match any budget you might have.

We believe this is a much Fairer way of doing business.

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